Our Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

At Michael Ros Winery, being good stewards of our natural resources is critically important. We are environmentally conscious and seek to minimize our impact on the planet. Below you will find a few examples of how we are bringing this commitment to life. As we grow, so will this list!

Repurposing Natural Resources

We are blessed that our property has 10 acres of pecan trees some of which are 200 years old. When we purchased the land, the trees had not been maintained. An arborist was brought in to guide us on which trees needed to be removed. With the removed trees, the owner was able to create our beautiful tasting room tables giving new life to our pecan trees!! We hope you think they are as amazing as we do.

Commitment Tree Tables Collage


If you live in the Hill Country, you know water is always a concern, so we set out to find a way to clean and reuse the water that is part of the wine producing process. We partnered with a company on the West Coast to help clean waste water. We are the FIRST in Texas to partner with BioFiltro. Our excess production facility water is sent to a container to be cleaned using their exclusive Biodynamic Aerobic (BIDA) System which cleans the water by taking it through layers of materials and it leverages earthworms to help support microbial growth and aeration of the top layer. This cleaning process results in 99% of wastewater contaminants being removed. This clean water is then pumped into a holding tank where it is used for irrigation. As a bonus…the worm castings can be used in the vineyard to improve soil health.

Click here to learn more about Biofiltro.

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