Texas wine country soil is a critical factor in the quality and taste of wines produced in the region. The diverse soil types found in Texas wine country contribute to the unique terroir of the region, and the hilly terrain and rocky landscapes of the region play an essential role in creating ideal growing conditions for grapevines. Texas wineries are committed to promoting sustainable farming practices and protecting the natural beauty of the region, making it an excellent destination for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Our Story

Wine lovers following their dreams! Mike and Rosann Mitrione both had successful careers in Corporate America. Rosann spent 30 years in sales and marketing while Mike has spent his career in technology. But their true passion is wine! Their journey to turn a passion into a business started 10 years ago.

If you know anything about the wine industry, you know it’s a lot of work, takes a long time to go from the idea of growing your own grapes to actually producing good quality wine, and Mike and Rosann are determined to make high quality Texas wine! They planted their first grapes in the Texas High Plains (Brownfield, Texas) in 2018.

Our Team


As a new boutique winery, our team is small and wears many hats. But we have the best people because they are passionate about making outstanding 100% Texas wine, delivering an exceptional consumer experience in a laid-back environment, and sharing a little wine knowledge along the way. We have a fabulous, experienced Winemaker (Tim Drake) and Tasting Room Manager (Ron Moore).

Our Vineyards

As is commonly said in the wine industry, the best wines start in the vineyard! It is important to us that we grow grapes that will thrive in the various Texas climates. That means we have targeted varietals that do well in other warm climates such as Southern France, Italy, Spain, and Argentina.

We are committed to growing our own vines so that we can control the process from the ground to glass. This means we can control the tonnage so that vines aren’t over harvested and the quality matches your expectations (and ours)! It also means we are committed to being good stewards of the Earth and being environmentally conscious. We have our own vineyards in two different Texas AVAs (American Viticultural Areas). Until our vineyards can support all our needs, we have also partnered with other Texas growers who share our approach and vision.

Our Philanthropies


We are proud to support Tunnel to Towers. This outstanding organization supports our first responders and military families. The organization was founded after 9/11 where Firefighter Stephen Siller lost his life. His family started the foundation to help support injured service members and the families of those who have lost their lives or been severely injured in the line of duty. Examples of their work include building smart homes for disabled veterans, paying off mortgages for families who have lost their first responder or military spouse, and supporting homeless veterans. While they are a national organization, many of our fellow Texans have benefited from their support and services.

Our Commitment

At Michael Ros Winery, being good stewards of our natural resources is critically important. We are environmentally conscious and seek to minimize our impact on the planet. Below you will find a few examples of how we are bringing this commitment to life. As we grow, so will this list!

Repurposing Natural Resources – Turning Damaged Trees into Tasting Room Tables.

BioFiltro – Water Conservation through Cleaning and Using Reclaimed Water for Irrigation Purposes.

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